If you are looking for some structured data, you can download my curriculum vitae.

Lately, I’m not a big fan of writing too much about myself – I simply prefer my work to speak for me. However, I’ll put down at least a few lines, if you are interested.

In 1990 when I was born and my butt was the first part of my body to see the light of this world, it was pretty convincing that I won’t perform in my life in a “usual” way.

So I began my journey of trying to fit into this world and having some fun during that experience. In my childhood I was drawn to dinosaurs and then I was a bit more like career oriented so I pursued knowledge that would bring me some good money – computer programming etc.

It was several years later when I found out what game is being played with humanity and that I don’t want to support the system that is based on debt and slavery.

Yeah I know, it depends on your point of view, so I don’t prefer to call it slavery and giving it a negative energy which only sustains it. I prefer to step out of it simply because I feel we can have sort of upgraded experience from living here on planet Earth. One that is based on Unity Consciousness and Love, instead of separation and fear. We have still quite some work to do both on individual and collective level, but we’re on our way.

So, because of these realisations, I started to view my life-experience as a stepping stone to something bigger. I learned a lot of stuff, like creating websites, graphics, prints, videos and animation, but in the end, these are just a tools. It always depends on how you use them.

My deepest calling now is to spread information about true nature of our beingness and to assist (and also to be assisted) with stepping further into our Divine Purpose. Into our roles of sovereign free humans that care for the planet they walk and that view everything in existence as parts of one big Whole – and therefore parts of themselves.

I don’t remember my “past lives” but this pretty well sums up what I achieved so far in this one.

Have a wonderful day full of expansion!

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