Absinthe brochure

Absinthe brochure

Work from graphic design class at Multimedia College of Arts in Jihlava. Combination of bitmap graphics, watercolor painting and ink drawing.

Our task was to create a brochure about arbitrary topic and by that time I just loved the Absinthe. And I mean the real one – with old ritual of dripping icecold water through sugar cube put on holey spoon right into the Absinthe which caused it to change its colour from transparent green to milky white.

The new ritual of setting sugar sodden in absinthe on fire is fabricated to boost up the sales, just like the process of creating this strange substance that has not much in common with the original recipe. Just for the record, I decided to stop using such substances in order to gain “altered states of consciousness” more organicaly. Very interesting experience to remember all the parties and feeling all right the next day!


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Jan 15, 2011

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