CD booklet

CD booklet

This was a school task – to create a CD Booklet with our top 10 most important life experiences.

Again, combination of techniques – initial sketches made with pen on paper and then sacanned and finalized in Photoshop to create sort of a memory feeling.

10 memorable experiences

Life is like tonic. If you can’t relish it, it feels bitter.

cd booklet-01

The beginning

There was no Word in the beginning. There were cells. And they were two.


Who was here before? Whose are those giant skeletons?

cd booklet-02


Star Wars Universe solved the final moral question: good or evil? One day I’ll have to get my own spaceship!

Upside down

I know of no greater joy than to relish the landscape from different perspective.

cd booklet-03


The Magic of some small things lies within their MAGNIFICENCE.

Change of attitude

Physics teacher – she could turn the lesson into hell but she would make you think RATIONALLY. Some things just force you to change your approach.

cd booklet-04

The Green Fairy

Sometimes I wonder how little you need to be happy. The green in the glass – recommended by 5 of 5 doctors!


There came the need to change the world – by changing myself. Was that change for the better?

cd booklet-05

Dark thoughts

You’ll find the other side of the coin just after you hit the bottom.

The New Era

Suddenly, everything was fine. But what comes tomorrow?

cd booklet-06

Just a note: today I do not hold the same beliefs as I did back in 2009 😉

All that previous experience was interesting, but life is NOW and worrying is mind stuff, not that of Heart.

So I choose to Flow and to be the true ME. Peace, brothers and sisters 🙂



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Feb 7, 2010

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