Message to humanity

Message to humanity

Are we done with this Milky-Way fight? I blindfolded myself with desire to hug someone, went into the streets and waited for what will happen.

This was supposed to be epilogue to my graduation film. However, in the end, I found that it is a movie by itself.

Pretty everyone I know says that there is something not-completely-OK with this world. We all feel that.

This video is a little controversial attempt to show my Love for humanity, inspire others to think and to point out certain modalities of today’s world and of the worlds that passed.

I used some disturbing imagery containing violence so if you do not feel like that, please do not watch this.

Special thanks to Vaclav Batelka – even though we’ve met for the first time in our lives he handled the camera work perfectly and, again, I was convinced that everything in the Universe falls perfectly in place 🙂



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Sep 8, 2013

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