Jankosh Logo

Jankosh Logo

After 6 years I decided to recreate my personal logo so that it reflects more of who I am and what I am doing here.

Logo that I used since 2008 felt a bit outdated. Currently I am not sure what I meant by it, but I guess it had to do with complexity of the human-mind labyrinth.


Initially I wanted to use the so called sacred geometry principles but in the end I found it would be just a pose. I realize that this geometry deeply connects not only to my body, atomic structures or everything in existence, but I also learned not to insist on something just because I like it.

I decided to create something that will more reflect the person who others call Tomáš Jankó or Jankosh – this body that I currently inhabit. This logo is a certain typographic play of letters that form my nickname and it depicts the wholeness of the male and the female principles we all have.

Nobody is “pure male” or “pure female”. Integration of these principles assisted me a lot in understanding of what is going on inside of me and in further expanding my consciousness. Plus, supposedly, my new logo looks like a smiley 🙂



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May 2, 2014

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