Jedno.Duchost Logo

Jedno.Duchost Logo

There is a beautiful word play going on here. Translation of the word “jednoduchost” from Czech language is “simplicity”, but word-to-word translation would be something like “one-spiritness”.

Creation of this sign was an interesting challenge. Main principle of this project is to spread both “materialistic” and spiritual information and to do it like from higher perspective (that we humans lack sometimes) and – most importantly – to put things SIMPLY.

Also, there is an emphasis to remind every individual of his/her uniqueness, power and responsibility and what it means to be a human being on planet Earth.


Part of designing this logo was exploration of sacred geometry and certain mathematical sequences and ratios, such as Fibonacci’s sequence or the golden ratio. However, after tens of hours of experimentation I found that some designs were way too esoteric and complicated.



Even though I came across some interesting designs, I ended up with two simple forms – triangle and circle. These have various spiritual meanings on their own, but main intention was to depict Unity Consciousness that will be the basis of the age we are heading to, even though it may not seem like that at times.



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May 1, 2014

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