Kaspar Magic Logo

Kaspar Magic Logo

Since certain time, Magic/Mysticism does not mean for me only stage performance, but the highest science exploring the true nature of self and of Universe. While this may not be the main focus of pair of magicians from Náchod who used to call themselves Duo Carlos, work on this logo charmed me, that‘s sure.

By the way, if you’re looking for someone to do a great stage performance for you, be sure to check out their current website!

Karel and Vera Kaspar not only wanted to change their pen name, but wanted me to conjure up the logo that would reflect their main branch. After looking for exotic/mystic word combinations/titles and also experimenting with new words we decided to use the name that will be clear on its own – Kaspar Magic.

That laid basis for logo itself, so after many brainstormings, whirlwinds of ideas and lots of consultations we came to a final duel between the two favorites.


After that we‘ve chosen the one that would right away give audience the idea that they are looking at magician‘s logo.

Kaspar Magic Logo experiments

Even though the result may look clean and simple, for sure it wasn‘t created by looking into a crystal-ball.


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Apr 9, 2014

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