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Main purpose of this blog is to spread both “materialistic” and spiritual information from higher perspective that we humans lack from time to time. Since the beginning of 2012 I began, lets call it, my spiritual awakening. Or to be more precise, re-remembering of who I am, why I am here and what is going on in the world.

This blog is contribution to the collective consciousness of Czech part of humanity. I read, watch and listen through a lot of stuff in English and I see that this valuable information needs to be spread to catalyze the ongoing shift in consciousness that is happening all over the planet.

Also I was growing up my entire life within the mentality of Czech nation, so I have understanding for why and how people do what they do here.

This blog provides beneficial and important information in the simplest and most easily understandable way to further assist with bringing us both on individual and collective level to our next evolutionary step. To bring us to the “new” where everything is based on Unity and Love, rather than separation and fear.

Purpose of this project is to remind every individual of his uniqueness, power and responsibility and what does it mean to be a human being on planet Earth. In the end, it connects and continues the brilliant work of some wonderful souls that walked and walk the surface of this beautiful spaceship we call Earth.

We all have what we need within us.

In case you’ve missed it, I wrote more about this project on Jedno.Duchost Logo page

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Jun 15, 2014

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