I created this 3D guy initially for series of tutorials on portal back in 2009. Few years later I decided to upgrade Steve not just because he was supposed to become project FairLists main mascot, but also to better reflect my actual knowledge and experience in computer graphics. I added nose for some more character and also repaired topology so that it better deforms when animated.

Steve Blender 3D wire evolution

Topology performs now pretty well on face deformations:

Steve Blender 3D faces

Here are some renders that were supposed to be used for business cards:

Steve Blender 3d Fairlist renders

Oh and just for fun, here are some tests with various hairstyles:

Steve Blender 3D hairstyles

Project FairList is going to have different mascot but this guy will stay with me, thats sure 🙂

By the way, here you can watch first animation I made with Steve back in 2009:


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Jul 6, 2014

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